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Can you breastfeed too much

Can you breastfeed too much? What about overfeeding?

If you’re a breastfeeding mother, or you’ve been around breastfeeding parents and babies, you’ll know that breastfeed babies tend to feed very often, especially newborn babies in the early weeks. Some new mothers may worry about whether their baby is getting enough milk, while others may worry about whether their baby is getting too much […]

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Responsive feeding

How often should babies, toddlers and children breastfeed? On demand? Every 2-3 hours? 8-12 times per 24 hours? On a parent, doctor or sleep consultant’s set schedule? The simple answer is none of the above, a child should always be fed responsively. What is responsive feeding? Responsive breastfeeding is how a mother responds to her

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Growth spurts

Growth spurts What is a growth spurt? A growth spurt is a time during which your baby has a more intense period of growth in both height and weight. This will cause them to feed much more frequently, sleep either less or more than usual and become both fussy at the breast and fussy overall.

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Can you breastfeed too much

Cluster feeding

Cluster feeding What is cluster feeding? Cluster feeding is when your baby feeds very frequently, so much so that the feedings are ‘clustered’ together. They seem to feed almost continuously over several hours, often in the evening or early hours of the morning but it can occur at any time during the day or night.

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